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cytology is so advanced in korea that kpop boy band members can multiply. yes you heard that correctly, they actually multiply. you see 5 of them in the beginning and at the end of the music video there’s like 15 of them.

What You Don’t Know About Kris at Happy Camp 2013


The original post has some English translations, but certain parts are incomplete or hard to understand. WARNING: What you are about to read will make you fall more in love with this man, so stay away if you want to avoid excess feelings.

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happy camp’s staff instagram update

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(NEWS) EXO has been selected to model for the luxury apparel brand MCM. MCM is planning on releasing their new line of goods in collaboration with EXO in the second half of 2014. Certain members of EXO will be attending the open event held at the MCM flagship store in Myeongdong on the 26th of June.



somewhere in asia yixing is hypervENtilatING

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where’s part two

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the man of your dreams

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Kris’ upcoming movie

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